About CUHI

It’s a common problem with several effective solutions…but we have to talk about it.
To solve a problem, we have to talk about it. And that is the goal of the Canine Urinary Health Initiative (CUHI): We want to bring veterinarians and dog owners together to discuss solutions to a common and sometimes embarrassing condition. As many as 18.5% of dogs in shelters were given up by their owners because of inappropria5te soiling in the house. Yet, only 2% of dog clinic visits are to discuss urinary incontinence. More discussion needs to take place. CUHI organizations and supporters are encouraging this discussion.

Pet owners: if your dog experiences behavior changes, including inappropriate soiling, talk to your veterinarian about it. There could be several causes, and there likely is a solution. But your vet needs to know.

Veterinarians and staff members: Inappropriate soiling can be too embarrassing for pet owners to bring up on their own. So ask your clients about behavioral changes and inappropriate soiling.

By talking about the problem and the solutions, we can keep more dogs out of shelters, and keep more families together.